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Keep customers onsite and engaged by offering phone charging on your premises. Whether in a hospital waiting room or in a busy pub, battery anxiety is a key factor in customers seeking out opportunities to charge their devices. Empower your customers by giving them this opportunity on your premises. Our phone charging kiosks can be found across Ireland and the UK in numerous different industries.

Phonecharge suppliers of a range of secure locker mobile phone charger stations, power banks, solar charging posts throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

We supply public, secure locker,  charging stations. Our charger stations are suitable for all smart phones. Customers use their own four digit pin code to securely lock and unlock their chosen phone locker. Ideal for pubs, bars, hotel lobbies,casinos,colleges, universities, Hospital ED departments, large company canteens etc.

Our range

Coin operated
Locker wall mounted, option, with floor stand. This product is only available on a revenue share or rental scheme.

Free charging
All phone charger stations can be wrapped in your organisation’s own branding at an extra charge.
All our machines are CE certified and are manufactured to our exacting specifications, only the highest quality components including MFI charging cables.

Event/Exhibition/Conference Hire,
Why not avail of one of our free standing mobile phone charger stations for your event?
For further information drop us an email to info@phonecharging.ie

Hire a charger station for your event!

We supply throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. Our Phonecharging range of charger stations are manufactured to the highest standards, including CE certification. Each locker is fitted with two charger cables as standard, 1 x Apple lightening plus 1 x micro usb. Option; a choice of different cables can be fitted to lockers, i.e, in the bottom two lockers an Apple 30 pin (iPhone 4S) plus a micro usb cable can be fitted. All lockers will indicate the type of cables within. The cables are of the highest standards.

Machines can be wrapped in your companies own branding at an extra cost.
Locker model with floor stand. Can be set as a free charging facility.
Free charging unit , can charge up to 8 mobile devices at same time. Ideal for all public places i.e. bus and rail stations,airports, cafe’s, restaurants, supermarkets,colleges, office canteens etc. etc. . Can be branded with your own logo upon request.

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