Empower customers with options for digital advertising and device charging

ADVERTISING: Effective. Contemporary. Interactive. Take advantage of digital communication. Digital Signage Kiosks make information display easy, allowing passers-by to see the content you choose, ideal to reach a new audience.

CHARGING UNITS: Our kiosks ensure your customers always stay connected. Our wide range of products are tailored to suit all needs. Keep customers onsite and engaged by offering phone charging on your premises.

Ireland’s largest provider of mobile charging solutions

Flexible purchase, lease or rental options

Phonecharging Ireland is Ireland’s largest provider of mobile charging solutions. Our charge kiosks can be found in hospitals, bars, nightclubs, shopping centres, hotels, fast food restaurants, airports and more.

Our flexible purchase, lease or rental options ensure we tailor the correct service to fit your needs.

Develop Trust
Ensure your premises offers customers a secure charging option in times of need.

Increase Dwell Time
Increase Customer Dwell Time by giving your customers the option of recharging their batteries in your store.

Increase Spend
Increased Dwell Time leads to an increased spend.

Eliminate Battery Anxiety
Reduce battery anxiety. Customers will remember your premises provided a solution in their hour of need.

Generate Revenue
Ask about our phone charging kiosks coin or card configurations.

Conversation Piece
Drive traffic to your event stand with one of our customisable Pop Up charge tables